Our service standards for moving home

Moving home can be a stressful time, but if you do need to move home then we want to make it as easy and stress free as possible for you. Our standards let you know what we'll do to make your move into one of our homes a positive experience.

We will:

  • Let our homes in a fair, transparent and efficient way
  • Enable you to gain access to opportunities for mutual exchanges
  • Make sure your new home meets all health and safety requirements and is clean and well maintained
  • Provide you with a welcome pack when you move in which includes the key elements of your tenancy agreement and other useful information
  • Contact you within two months to ensure you have settled into your new home

To help us provide the best service, we ask you to:

  • Let us know if you notice health and safety concerns in your home or area
  • Contact us if you want to swap homes
  • Leave your home clear, clean and free of all belongings when you move out to avoid being recharged