The current cost to rent one of our garages is £11.34 per week. This is reviewed every year (we’ll let you know if we’re planning to increase the rent).

We ask for £100 deposit and one month's rent in advance.

  • You can rent a garage for however long you want - a few weeks, a few years or longer.
  • Anyone can rent one of our garages - you don't have to be an mhs customer.
  • Make sure you have contents insurance for anything you store in the garage.
  • Please note that our garages should not be used as a means of general storage space. We cannot guarantee our garages will be dry and free of damp and/or water penetration. We recommend they are used to store vehicles, non-flammable items and non-valuable tools (not used as general storage).
  • Our garages are rented for the storage of vehicles and non valuable tools only. Our customers are not permitted to store any items which are valuable, flammable or unsuitable for the garage condition.
  • If the garage you're renting requires repairs you may be asked to vacate the garage. We'll contact you if this happens.