We're committed to providing the best service we can.

Our service standards tell you what you can expect from us. We've developed these standards in consultation with our customers so we can be sure that we’re concentrating on what matters most to you. To help us provide the best service we've added some things we ask you to do.

To meet our service standards we monitor the services we provide and actively seek your feedback to help us improve.

We have standards for all of our main services so you can easily find what you're looking for.

Meeting our service standards

We'll monitor our performance by:

  • Carrying out regular satisfaction surveys, including the Tenant Satisfaction Measures survey required by regulation
  • Recording calls to our Customer Team for training, monitoring, and feedback purposes
  • Comparing our service with other similar housing organisations
  • Learning from complaints and feedback to help improve our service
  • Carrying out audit checks to make sure we're meeting timescales
  • Carrying out regular training to make sure our staff can deliver these standards

Our Customer Scrutiny Panel use these standards when they review our services.        

If you have any feedback on our service standards, or want to share your experience, please contact us.