Damp and mould are caused by excess moisture in the air.  

There's moisture in the air all the time, even when you can't see it. It’s mainly caused by day-to-day activities like washing, showering and cooking, but in some cases, it can be caused by more serious issues.  

In more serious cases, it can be hard to find out what’s causing it so we need to look at all possibilities like condensation, leaking pipes, rising damp or damage to the roof and windows.  

It can take a while to find what’s causing damp and mould and to fix the issues. But our team will work as quickly as they can to make sure your home is safe. 

If you have any signs of mould or damp, it's important you report it to us straight away so we can start investigating. Where we need access to your home, please let us in so we can do what we need to do.