To transfer to another home managed by us or another housing provider you need to apply through Kent Homechoice.

You can only transfer if:

  • you have a particular need (such as you're overcrowded or someone who lives with you has a medical problem)
  • you don't owe us any rent
  • your home is in good condition
  • you haven't been responsible for any anti-social behaviour
  • you haven't broken your tenancy agreement

How to apply for a transfer

Before you start, you'll need to:

  • have lived in your home for more than a year
  • be on a protected or assured tenancy

To apply;

  1. visit Kent Homechoice, or download the mobile app - for iPhone or Android
  2. register for an account

What happens next

  1. After you've applied we'll see if you can move and take a look around your home.
  2. Next, your local council will give your application a banding, which will show how much priority you'll get and allow you to start bidding.


  1. log in and download the latest property list for the area you want to move
  2. follow the instructions to place a bid
  3. Homes will be advertised daily for at least five days. For the best chance of finding a home you like, you should check Kent Homechoice daily.
  4. You can bid for up to three homes at a time.

Why not download the Kent Homechoice app?

Download on the Apple app store  Android app on google play