About this report

This report is for you, our customers, so we can share some of the highlights of the past year and provide you with an update on some of our key projects aimed at improving our services to you. It sets out our progress against our Strategic Plan 2021-24 and explains how we’ve spent our income.

We work hard to provide great services to our customers of mhs homes and Heart of Medway Housing Association (HoM). And where things haven't been quite right, we aim to put them right as quickly as we can, learn from our mistakes, and take action to improve your experience 

This year has seen more engagement with our customers than ever before. We've seen customers help us evaluate and choose our contractors, our Estate Champions have been actively working with us in our communities and our Tenant Board members continue to provide a customer perspective at all of our board meetings.

As you go through this report, you’ll see the performance of mhs homes and Heart of Medway Housing Association (HoM). These two companies are part of mhs homes group. The group provides some centralised services, such as when you contact us, you'll see these reported as mhs homes group.

Feedback and other versions

We hope this report has been useful in understanding how we’re performing as your landlord. If you have any feedback or comments on how we can improve our annual report, including if there’s any other information you’d like to see, let us know by completing this short form.

If you need this report translated or a large font or brail printed copy, please let us know by emailing contactus@mhs.org.uk