mhs homes group provides customer contact services for both our mhs homes and Heart of Medway customers, so here we report on the performance of the group.

Complaints we've received and what we've done to improve

When something goes wrong, we want to make sure we put things right as quickly as we can. We also want to make sure that it doesn't happen again, so we look to change our services to improve them. Over the past year here's three key complaint areas that we looking to improve: 

Gas servicing

To improve the speed and quality of complaint resolutions about our gas contractor they recruited a new Resident Liaison Officer 

Repairs times  

Customer feedback let us know that you're not always happy with how long it takes us to complete repairs. We took quick temporary action to improve this, and we've instructed a review of the resources required for our repairs team so we can improve our repair times 

Anti social behaviour  

We know that living with anti social behaviour can have a major affect on quality of life. We want to improve our process and how we deal with this so our customers can enjoy their homes. To do this we have commissioned an external review of this service that'll provide us with recommendations on how we can do better